Jungle Room with Private Pool & Deck

A private oasis at your doorstep.

Jungle Room with Private Pool & Deck

The Jungle Room with Private Pool & Deck at Naya Bacalar offers a refined interpretation of space and material, designed to immerse guests in the natural beauty of the surrounding jungle. The architecture and interior design utilize locally sourced materials to create a tactile and visually engaging experience. The expansive windows enhance the room's connection with the outdoors, seamlessly integrating the lush exterior with the interior's sophisticated ambiance.

At your doorstep, a private pool acts as a serene oasis. Mirroring the sky's splendor and the lushness of the surrounding foliage, offering a sensory immersion that rejuvenates and inspires. Melding effortlessly with the room's design, enhancing the feeling of intimacy and privacy. The private pool are adecuated with a heating system, this ensures that no matter the weather during the day you'll enjoy warm water in the comfort of your space.

This room category is distinguished by its private garden and deck, allowing guests to enjoy the natural sounds and sights of the area in a secluded setting. The room is equipped with a king-sized bed, featuring high-quality linens and cotton fabrics designed for comfort in Bacalar’s warm climate. Modern conveniences such as air conditioning and a large fan ensure a comfortable environment regardless of the temperature outside.

The semi-open shower offers a unique experience, blending privacy with an open view of the garden, complemented by eco-friendly toiletries. Naya Bacalar's commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of banana plant evapotranspiration pits for wastewater treatment, minimizing the environmental impact.

Guests are encouraged to disconnect and enjoy the serene environment, with WiFi available throughout the property to accommodate those who wish to stay connected. The room’s design focuses on creating a peaceful and elegant sanctuary, with strategic lighting enhancing the natural materials and contributing to a serene atmosphere.

Additionally, to enhance your stay, Room Service is readily available, allowing you to maximize your quality time. Prepare yourself for a comprehensive sensory experience with your most cherished companion. 

Naya Bacalar's Jungle Room with Private Pool & Deck aims to provide guests with a sensory journey that emphasizes elegance, comfort, and a profound connection with nature, ensuring an unforgettable stay.